Review – Broadsheet

The main attraction is and will always be, the four metre long cheese cabinet! Thanks for the write up Broadsheet.

“Complete with a communal table and outside tables, the smart room was designed by Zwei Interiors to create a country feel with lampshades made from milkers (traditionally fixed to a cow’s udder), an imitation grass wall and touches of recycled dairy equipment. But the piece de resistance is the four-metre cheese cabinet along the front counter, designed to resemble a gravel road.”

Review – Good Food

Thanks Good Food!

“A four-metre-wide, temperature-controlled cheese cabinet runs down the room’s centre, overseen by manager Laura Lown, who worked at London cheesemongers Paxton & Whitfield, where the Queen sources her cheese. ”I want people to treat [the shop] like a cellar door for cheese,” Director Verheyen says. It is open six days a week, five of those until 1am.”

Australia Day Special!

Happy Australia Day!

Review – 50 First Dates Melbourne

Thanks to 50 First Dates for their fabulous review, we love the simple things in life to, food and wine!

“With a name that says it all, Milk the Cow Licensed Fromagerie has just opened its doors. These country boys are genius, pairing cheese with wine and not worrying about anything else. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best, and sitting along a bar talking cheese and wine with a down-to-earth country lad who knows both is for me, the perfect end to a lovely afternoon date in St Kilda. Important to remember: For the blokes who are yet to enjoy wine, there is also beer matching available. Milk the Cow is open most nights until 1am so it’s the perfect way to end any date.”

Too Many Cheeses


With too many cheeses to mention on our menu, you may be wondering who it is that is taking care of our inventory and what exactly you can get your hands on at Milk the Cow. Laura Lown is our expert cheesemonger, hailing from the UK directly to our new home in St Kilda, Melbourne.

Here’s what Laura has to say about how she’s gone about putting together the main attraction at Milk the Cow:

“The exciting range of cheeses available at Milk the Cow have been carefully selected to allow you to experience some of the greatest artisan cheeses from around the world.

From the incredibly rich and creamy French Triple creme Delice De Bourgogne, to the harmonious rare white truffled Casio Di Bosco Tatufo Stagionato from Tuscany, you can experiment and discover your own personal favourites, even better, is that you can do so with our finest selected wine for a truly enhancing flavour.

Perfect for summer, and a personal favourite, the Fleur du Maquis from Corsica, also know as “Brin d’Amour,” meaning “a breath of love”, is coated in rosemary, fennel seeds, juniper berries, and the occasional bird’s eye chile, when paired with a sweet Riesling or Bordeaux, it is hard not to fall in love with its herbaceous Mediterranean flavors.

Our 12 month old Comte is matured in a stone fort, Our Black Label Roquefort in a cave… needless to say, whether you like your Strong Spicy Blues, Striking Pungent washed-rinded cheeses, or you just simply prefer a good Cheddar, Milk the Cow offers a wide variety of local and global cheeses, where the choices are unlimited and we encourage you to explore this superb food.”