Launch Party – Media/Industry Night

Thanks to all who came down to support our Media & Industry Launch Night. It was a fantastic way to introduce our friendly staff, get to know other professionals in the industry and to start spreading the word that we are now open for all cheese lover’s needs!

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Review –

A Mecca for cheese and wine! Love it. Thanks Omnomnomnom.

“We recently visited a Melbourne establishment that takes this ethos to glorious new heights.  ‘Milk the Cow’ is a licensed fromagerie – basically a Mecca for cheese and wine, one of the oldest culinary pairings.  Our first thought when entering ‘Milk the Cow’ was “why hasn’t anyone else done this before?”.  Yes there are places like Richmond Hill Larder but this is different, they are literally experts on matching wine with cheese, that’s it.”

Review – Ouffer

We now have over 120 types of cheeses, still counting!!! Thanks ouffer.

“Sweet cheeses! You can devour and delight in 73 cheeses (and counting) at Milk the Cow, St Kilda’s newest Fromagerie. In the heart of Melbourne, visitors can revel in some old-fashioned county hospitality while dining on fine cheese and a drop of complementing wine. With an expert cheesemonger on hand, it’s your chance to taste the finer artisan flavours that have been carefully curated for you from around the world.”

Valentines Day

Thank you to everybody who bought their lovers down on Valentines Day! Eating cheese and drinking wines sounds like the ideal way to spend every Valentines Day!

Review – Agenda City

Cheese and booze preferably all at once? At Milk the Cow, always!! Thanks Agenda City.

“Milk the Cow is all about cheese, and booze. In that order, and preferably all at once.

Sneaking open its doors early last month while Melburnians were enjoying the summer holidays, this all day to late-night venue is taking cheeseboards to a new level.

No longer are you to make do with a brie, a blue and a cheddar. Choose from dozens of cheeses, shipped in from all over the world and cared for lovingly.”

Review – Time Out Melbourne

Being compared to an adult equivalent of a fireworks, puppy dog and candy store is our idea of a good review! Thanks Time Out Melbourne.

“A licensed fromagerie. It’s the adult equivalent of a ‘Fireworks, Puppy Dogs and Candy!’ store and it really exists. You’ll find this rather excellent contribution to Melbourne’s drinking and eating problem on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda. With Bar Di Stasio, Golden Fields and now Milk the Cow – a late night wine bar and specialist cheese shop – it’s possible to progressively dine one-glass-one-snack style all the way up the strip.”