Review – Australian Bartender

Love this review in Australian Bartender, great to see their priorities are in order!

“Life is short, screw dessert; get me some cheese and booze”

Review – Foodie About Town

Thanks Foodie About Town, great review and an obvious cheese lover!

“Milk the Cow is the the brainchild of Daniel Verheyen, a hospitality genius that decided offering a venue with 100 cheeses and a few drinks might go down well!! Daniel has made sure that with Laura guiding you through cheese and Andy helping with the right beverage match you could come here many times and have a very different experience… but it would always be amazing!!”



Review – From The Passenger

It is an absolute rollercoaster down here! Thanks From The Passenger!

“On ordering the cheese & wine tasting flight, the staff (or Cheesemongers) describe the “rollercoaster” you’re about to embark on. Matching up four nips of wine with a selection of specialty cheeses, as they say “cheese and wine go together like Romeo and Juliet.” You can even pick your own mix.”

Review – Time Out Melbourne

Fondue Party!

“Throw on a sexy cardie and party down, ’70s style. Starting July, our favourite new bar-cum-cheese shop will be holding fondue parties – sweaters optional. Choose from three types. You get your own individual pot so you can mix and match with your friends, or get in a corner and guard that puppy. We’re not judging.”

Event – Perfect Match Monday JUNE

A big thank you to everyone who came down last night for our whisky and cheese tasting night!

We had Ashley from Cheese Culture (one of our main cheese suppliers) discuss the unusual cheeses he brought down and Justin from Suntory Australia who knew an insane amount about whisky!

Thanks again guys and we are looking forward to next month with Meredith Dairy and Stanton and Killeen Wines!

Review – Peter Barrett

Review on the cheese industry in Melbourne and seemingly, its boom! Thanks Peter Barrett from Epicure.

“Chef Shannon Bennett has seven staff on his…  roster dedicated to cheese (“90 per cent of our clientele who come through the restaurant will have the cheese trolley,” he says).

And in retail there’s Femia… in St Kilda, sisters Sabrina and Katia Cappodocio at Il Fornaio and British ex-pat Laura Lown at Milk The Cow.

“Since we opened up (last year) I feel like there’s been this cheese boom,” says Lown, 25, who used to work at high-end London fromagerie Paxton & Whitfield, where she regularly delivered cheese to Buckingham Palace. “A lot of people now are starting to think about this whole raw and pasteurized (milk) debate and are starting to really appreciate the cheeses from around the world.”