Media – Broadsheet ‘Feasting on Fromage’

This is a great write up from Broadsheet on our new Chefs at the Cow series. Thank you guys!

“Milk The Cow’s Chef Event Series is challenging the notion of the traditional cheese board, bringing curd to the kitchen. Broadsheet joins Laura Lown and Jason Jones as they get experimental.

From “bogan cheese” to “training wheels cheese”, Laura Lown uses casual cheese slang as easily as she does formal terminology. As Milk The Cow’s head cheesemonger, Lown is a lady in the know, tossing the names of cattle breeds, specific alpine regions, aging processes and farming traditions into general conversation.

Lown is also behind Milk The Cow’s new Chef Event Series, where Melbourne chefs are given free reign over the fromagerie’s four-metre cabinet to create four to six dishes. “Although the industry is growing, and people are realising what they can do with cheese, people can go so much further with it,” Lown says.

The dishes will be matched with wines and the event will host talks by wine representatives and local producers, as well as Lown and the featured chef. The first menu has Daniel Wilson of the small Huxta-empire (Huxtable, Huxtaburger, author of the Huxtabook), at the helm with creations including a triple cream cheese ice-cream atop his three-cheese dessert. Jason Jones of Moroccan inspired B’Stilla and Mexican eatery Mamasita is already confirmed for the second event.

“Mexicans use quite a bit of cheese already, so that would be simple,” Jones says, opting to showcase Moroccan flavours instead. “It’s going to be challenging. None of the Moroccan food I know has ballsy cheese.”

Taking on this challenge, Lown and Jones are opting for cheeses that “have that finesse,” Lown says, to stand up to the loud spices in Moroccan cuisine. For instance, one dish will feature Beaufort D’Alpage, dubbed by Lown as “the king of alpine cheese” – one wheel requires 500 to 700 litres of milk from just one breed of cow indigenous to the Savoie mountain pastures of France. “The possibilities are endless,” Lown says.

Tickets to the Milk the Cow dinner with Daniel Wilson on Monday April 28 are available at for $120. There are still some tickets set aside today for Broadsheet readers. Tickets to the next dinner with Jason Jones on June 30 are on sale here.”

Wedding – Alicia and Frank

Congratulations to gorgeous couple Alicia and Frank who celebrated their wedding in October at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford with a bespoke cheese tower designed especially for the occasion.

The cheese cake was created from a 3kg wheel of Rouzaire Fromage D’Meaux, a wheel of Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a Delice De Bourgogne Fourme D’Ambert and topped with a little Le Jack 200g wheel. The cheese tower was then deconstructed and served as a grazing table for their very lucky guests, along with housemade lavosh, muscatels and quince paste and dessert wines and port.

Says Alicia: “My husband and I are avid cheese consumers, so it was a no-brainer that cheese was going to be a focal point for our day.

As for the choices, we were principally guided by the very fun tasting session I had with Laura. I like to think we’re rather egalitarian when it comes to our cheese – we like it in all flavours, colours and varieties. But we do have a sweet spot for blue – so it was an essential part of the tower.

We were also paying attention to the colour of the rind. We were looking for white tones – although we went with a muslin wrap for the Wisconsin ‘Pleasant Ridge’ cheese because the smoky flavour was too delish to pass up despite it’s brown rind, and it was a sturdy base for the rest of the cheese wheels.”

We think Alicia and Frank’s cheese tower is simply sublime, and these photos are just amazing. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day, guys!