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At Milk the Cow we have a welcoming, friendly, cheese-loving team. Can’t decide what cheese to eat or booze to drink? Our attentive staff is here to help you out, happy to hold the hands of cheese newbies and equally talk artisanal techniques and flavour profiles with other cheese fiends.

With too many cheeses to mention on our menu, you may be wondering who it is that is taking care of our inventory and what exactly you can get your hands on at Milk the Cow:

Laura Lown is our Venue Manager and Cheesemonger, hailing from the UK directly to our new home in St Kilda, Melbourne. Laura has worked in the cheese industry for over seven years now, beginning her career as a cheesemonger art Paxton & Whitfield, an infamous cheese shop in London. She is a self-confessed cheese nerd who can tell you the story of any cheese from our cabinet – where it was made, how it was made, who made it and what it tastes like.

Having over 150 types of cheese we also have our amazing Assistant Cheesemongers Andrew & Marie who help take care of our little cheeses and will happily spin you fairytales of fromage.

Cheese, as it so happens, goes really well with booze.

Our cocktails are exceptional and every single one arrives with a cheese garnish. We have carefully designed our cocktail list to match with our cheeses. From the classics, to our version of the classics, to cornflake-infused milk and beyond, our Bartenders are only too happy to mix you up whatever you like, from late afternoon to late into the night.

One of our favourite pastimes is to pair booze and cheese. Our Sommeliers can tell you exactly which of our local and imported wines, beers and ciders will go with your selected cheeses so you can enjoy both to their full potential.

If you have an event coming up, we would love to talk to you more about it. Our tasting table is designed especially for groups. Call 9537 2225 or email info@milkthecow.com.au to chat about your next event. Click here to view our functions page.

The brains behind Milk the Cow is Founder and Managing Director Daniel Verheyen. With a 20-year career in hospitality, Daniel’s specialty is in unique concepts featuring outstanding food and booze, matched with easygoing service to create an exceptional experience.