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Cheese. Booze. A match made in heaven.

Run monthly, these events have been one of our most popular tasting nights at Milk the Cow. Every Perfect Match Monday includes tastings of some of the greatest International and National artisan cheeses matched with an ever-changing selection of wine, beer and spirits. We bring in a beverage company and a cheese company and perfectly match four styles of scrumptious cheese with four different beverages! If you have a love for all things cheese and wine and want to learn more about both, then this unique, intimate event is for you.


February: Explore the Yarra Valley

We kick off the year with one of our favourite local produce regions: The Yarra Valley. We invite Yarra Valley Dairy and Kellybrook Winery in for a terroir-driven flavour match that truly sings.

Monday 2 February @ St Kilda | Sold Out
Tuesday 3 February @ Carlton | Sold Out

March: Cheese Meets Beer

Sharing yeasty, earthy flavours and a long artisan heritage, cheese and beer go together better than you could even imagine. We welcome Coopers Brewery and L’Artisan Cheese for an amazing night of matching.

Tuesday 3 March @ Carlton | Buy Tickets