Review – Tucker

New food website Tucker published a fantastic interview with our Head Cheesemonger Laura Lown ahead of the festive season, along with some fantastic photography by the very talented team behind the brand:

“Milk the Cow is one of those rare and special places that’s at once exciting and utterly homely. The staff at Milk the Cow are experts in their cheesy field and will do their best to help you find your perfect cheese match. We dropped in to talk to head cheesemonger, Laura Lown, to find out how to do cheese the right way this Christmas.

It’s early on a Wednesday morning and St Kilda is just starting to wake up. On approaching 157 Fitzroy Street we are greeted by a young, smiling woman. Her checkered shirt is buttoned all the way to the top, her hair is tightly tied up and she is sporting a very sharp black blazer. “Hi, I’m Laura, the head cheesemonger here at Milk the Cow”. Young, bubbly and uber trendy, she wasn’t who we were expecting, but then again, perhaps it was wrong of us to assume anything given Milk the Cow’s growing reputation as one of Melbourne’s most innovative and modern specialty cheese shops.”

Click here to read the article in full: Cheese Too Good to Leave For Santa. Thanks to the guys from Tucker for a fantastic write up!