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Select any of your favourite cheeses from the 180 varieties in our 6-metre cheese cabinet or leave the choice to our expert Cheesemongers.

3 Cheese Cheesemonger's Choice $30

4 Cheese Cheesemonger's Choice $37

5 Cheese Cheesemonger's Choice $43

A weekly-changing selection of what is ripe, seasonal and new from our cabinet. Each Cheesemonger’s Choice cheeseboard comes accompanied by quince paste, freshly baked bread & our housemade lavosh.

Crème de la Crop Cheeseboard $55 Five of our very best, rarest cheeses from the cabinet, sourced from around the globe. Accompanied by Delicias Spanish quince paste, muscatel clusters, freshly baked bread & our housemade lavosh.

From the Cabinet All our other cheeses are available by the gram. Please consult our cheesemongers instore for our full available selection.


A selection of seasonal housemade, country-style bites. Choose from Field Frittata, Cured Aged Meats, Pâtés, Terrine and many more, available on our ever-changing inhouse menu. Priced per item.

Choose any 4 for $49

Choose any 6 for $70

Cheese Flights

We pair cheese with boutique beverages on our custom-designed flight boards, for a perfectly matched flight experience.

Flights come in small or large sizes.

Cheese & Wine Flight $26 / $45

Cheese & Sparkling Wine Flight $25 / $38

Cheese & Beer Flight $24 / $40

Cheese & Cider Flight $24 / $40

Cheese & Gin Flight $24 / $40

Cheese & Whisky Flight $27 / $44

Marmites & Fondues*

*Available after 5pm weekdays and all weekend.

Baked Camembert $22
Cooked with garlic, fresh herbs and white wine. Served with crusty baguette.

Deep Fried Camembert $26
An entire Panko-crumbed wheel of Normandy Camembert, deep fried. Served with onion jam and crusty baguette.

Baked Brie $24
An entire wheel of Yarra Valley Yering bathed in sparkling wine, Cognac, honey, fig, pistachio, cranberry, port & orange.

Raclette, Our Way $25
Two types of Raclette cheese, melted over seasoned new potatoes with prosciutto, cornichons & white wine.


Kaas Mit Wein Zu Kochen $24
Our take on the classic fondue. Swiss Gruyere, Appenzeller, Comté & Emmenthal

Figugegl $22
Herve Mons Cantal, Barber’s Cheddar & Emmenthal, cooked with beer.

Grundlegend $35
Il Forteto Cacio di Bosca Tartufo Stagionato, Swiss Appenzeller, Thones Beaufort & Gruyere L'Etivaz are cooked with Remy Martin VSOP, sparkling wine & local honey. Accompanied with a ramekin of Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen topaque.

Cheese to go

All our cheese can be boxed to go in one of our gorgeous cheeseboxes, complete with a branded, disposable wooden cheeseboard inside. Perfect for dinner parties or picnics.

Available on UberEATS

Please note there is a 10% dine in surcharge on Sundays & Public Holidays.