Beer & Cheese Hamper


Beer and cheese share yeasty, earthy flavours and an ancient artisan heritage, making for a perfect pairing.

This Beer & Cheese Hamper features four ever-changing boutique bottled brews paired with four of our cheesemonger’s favourite beer-geared cheeses and includes Delicias Spanish quince paste and artisan ale crackers.


4 x Different bottled artisan and craft beers (carefully selected from our ever-changing list) 

125g Bleu dÁuvergne France  

170g BellaVitano Raspberry, USA  

250g Rouzaire Camembert, France 

200g Reypenaer, Belgium

120g Forage & Feast Fig Paste

200g Lavosh Bites 

Comes beautifully packaged with a personalised card and tasting notes in our Milk the Cow hamper box, nestled in a bed of straw. On ice and sustainably insulated. 

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